What is a B2B Wholesale Distributor?

The meaning of the abbreviation B2B is a business-to-business wholesale distributor. It is a person that transports products through the supply chain by means of buying and selling products to manufacturers, factories or others. A B2B distributor is normally the intermediary; he never sells their product to the end consumer.

Moreover, they are usually specialized in concrete products sectors. As they are experts in their products they can offer advantages other companies that are dealing with them.

Once they are specialized in one product or one sector, they should be able to buy a large amount of products in order to provide good discounts to the retailer. In other words, they are offering better price conditions than the manufacturer.

B2B wholesale distributors help everybody because they provide with advantages to retailers and manufacturers.

Why is so advantageous to count on a B2B supplier?

Manufacturers are the first beneficiaries. This selling method is really good for them because is fast and efficient. It is better for them to sell their products to a distributor in large quantities instead of selling the products to small consumers. Moreover, customers are also in advantage because they can contact directly with the distributor. They have no choice, but at least, it is better for them because they get products from cheaper prices.

Are B2B specialized in a particular sector?

Generally speaking, B2B distributors try to be specialized just in one sector in order to create their own brand. They want to be recognized by their good services and the high quality of their products. For that reason, they try to sell just one type of product so as to establish a consolidated relationship with their customers. It is normally a good option to strengthen their business power and get more and more clients. They are normally really independent and efficient.

Do you want to become a B2B wholesale distributor? 5 tips to be the best one!

When starting your own business there are several things to take into account that novice business man don’t consider. Here you will see some tips to follow in order to manage your company successfully:

  1. You should get your inventory controlled.

You should manage your source of inventory. To do that, you have some systems in order to maintain minimum stock levels in your storehouses. You should follow a good organization so as to provide a good service: on time shipping, conditions, demands, time for manufacturing, etc.

  1. Offering the best service instead of the lowest prices

Some B2B distributors want to differentiate their store being the cheapest one. But this is a mistake. You have to make sure your products are the best ones and you offer the best service: high quality, coherent price and fast shipping.

  1. Get your cash movement under control

You should avoid deals that involve extended payments because they don’t have guarantee. Accept credit cards, online payments that are the safest ones.

  1. Maintain long business relationships

Make sure your customers are happy with you. Send them messages, offer them exclusive proposals and make sure they feel a particular and a real link with your products.

  1. Finally, stop organizing your orders manually!

Use new technological tools that will make your life easier such as excel.